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Programming Update:

We are being pre-empted on Feb. 23rd and March 2nd due to Live KRMS Broadcasts from Expo 2019 at the Lodge Four Seasons and the Lake West Chamber Expo at Lake Christian Academy.  Join us on March 9th for our next program!  Be sure and come out to the shows...register for some great door prizes and pick up lots of boating safety info and see some new products, too!  

                         Air Date April 27, 2019

     Spring Harbor Hop with Tim Jacobson, Ex. Dir. LOTO Convention and    Visitors Bureau

     Part Two with Tim…more Harbor Hop details

    Towing service with Boat US and Chris Harms in the California office    with lots of details and warnings

     Water Patrol Officer Stacey Mosher and USCG Aux Office Kelley       Crecelius on boating safety, On Water Training Progam details